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Horizon Academy Trust is an exempt charity regulated by the Secretary of State for Education.

company number 08411590

registered office is C/O Biggin Hill Primary School, Biggin Avenue, Bransholme, Hull, United Kingdom HU7 4RL.

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Gillshill Primary

Our Staff

Senior Leadership team 
Miss S Brummitt

Executive Headteacher Gillshill & Cavendish
Deputy Safeguarding Lead


Human Resources

First Aider

Mrs C Dawson

Head of School


First Aider

Miss B Vine Assistant Headteacher
Y3/4 Phase Leader
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Online Safety Officer
Y3 Teacher
Miss R Robinson

Assistant Headteacher
Y5/6 Phase Leader
Y6 Teacher



Mrs E Cooper

Senior Leader
Y1/2 Phase Leader
Y2 Teacher



Administration Staff  
Mrs J Wood

School Business Manager


Human Resources
First Aider

Mrs M Smith School Business Manager
Mrs W Delaney

Admin Manager
Deputy Child Protection
First Aid Lead

School Information Systems

Mrs N Crawford

Admin Assistant

First Aider

Nursery FS1 Staff  
Mrs H Harrison Teacher
Miss M Plews EYFS1 Support
Miss C Smurthwaite  EYFS1 Support
Miss A  Sutherland EYFS1 Support
Miss S Pulford EYFS1 Support
FS2 Staff  
Miss E Charlesworth Teacher
Mrs C Lister Teacher
Miss C Van Waarde Teacher
Miss C Greenwood Teacher
Miss G Hanson

EYFS2 Support

First Aider

Miss L Everitt EYFS2 Support
Miss K Fuller EYFS2 Support
Miss S Bannister 1:1 Support
Year 1 Staff  
Mrs C Millen Teacher
Mrs N Kirk Teacher
Mrs J Makin Teacher
Miss D Beadle Teacher
Miss K Forward Year 1 Support
Miss L Twidale Year 1 Support
Mrs A Stocks Year 1 Support
Miss N Salmon 1:1 Support
Miss G Goldspink 1:1 Support
Miss H Batty 1:1 Support
Year 2 Staff  
Mrs E Cooper Teacher; Y1/2 Phase Leader
Mrs K McManus Teacher
Mrs K McGowan Year 2 Support
Mrs N Pulford Year 2 Support
Miss L Pulford Year 2 Support
Year 3 Staff  
Miss B Vine Teacher; Y3/4 Phase Leader; Assistant Headteacher; Designated Safeguarding Lead; Online Safety Officer
Mrs A Makey Teacher
Miss A Fletcher Teacher
Mrs F Baldwin Teacher (MATERNITY)
Miss H Egan Year 3 Support
Miss C Adams Year 3 Support
Year 4 Staff  
Miss C Wallace Teacher
Mrs S Atkinson Teacher
Miss C Ewan Graduate Teacher
Mrs D Robinson Year 4 Support
Mrs K Stabler Year 4 Support
Year 5 Staff  
Mrs L Webster Teacher
Miss E Parkin Teacher
Mrs I Hedgecox Year 5 Support
Mrs S Lord

Year 5 Support

First Aider

Mrs J Deyes

1:1 Support

Mrs S Robinson 1:1 Support
Year 6 Staff  
Miss R Robinson Teacher; Y5/6 Phase Leader; Assistant Headteacher
Miss C Jesney Teacher
Miss Z Stephenson Teacher
Miss G Clement Teacher (MATERNITY)
Miss J Knapton Graduate Teacher
Mrs G Brown Year 6 Support
Mrs M Johnson

Year 6  Support

Mr D Start Teacher
PE Staff  
Mr D Start

PE Teacher

First Aider

Music Staff
Miss J Hunt Percussion Peri Teacher
Mr D Wright Violin Peri Teacher
Mrs Nolan Cello Peri Teacher
Miss Bantick Flute & Clarinet Peri Teacher
Mr P Lusvardi Double Bass Peri Teacher