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Gillshill Primary


Geography is the study of the world around us. The teaching and learning of geography at Gillshill Primary School is intended to equip our pupils with the skills and knowledge to understand our ever-changing world. Children are encouraged to ask and answer questions, as well as selecting and recording information. First-hand experience of geography outside the classroom is encouraged through the use of our school grounds, immediate school surroundings and field trips, where appropriate.


Aims of geography learning at Gillshill:

  • To encourage children to take an interest in, enjoy learning about and develop an understanding of the world in which they live.

  • To develop an understanding of physical and human processes and patterns.

  • To develop the skills required to interpret maps, plans, photographs and other secondary sources needed to understand geographical ideas and concepts.

  • To develop a knowledge and sense of place by investigating: the features and characters of a place; the similarities, differences and relationships between places and how people live in them.

  • To encourage children to have pride in and take care of their local environment by making them aware of how they can play an important part in the sustainability of the world.

  • To develop an awareness of global issues through critical thinking about global development.


Geography Documents:

Geography Intent, Implementation and Impact Statements

Geography Progression of Skills