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Gillshill Primary



As children progress through our curriculum they are taught the principles of perseverance and resilience in order to deepen learning and dare to make mistakes.  They are encouraged to develop their listening skills to be able to act on given feedback and gain knowledge of their own talents and abilities. 

At Gillshill, we believe strongly in developing an enquiring mind.  They will be able to identify opportunities to use technology for a task, plan and problem solve and share their achievements and understanding with parents.  The pupils will be taught to ask questions, experiment with ideas and work as part of a team, taking careful risks.  They will learn to communicate effectively with a range of media to a range of audiences. 


To ensure high standards of teaching and learning in Computing, we implement a curriculum that is progressive throughout the whole school. Computing skills are taught within the termly themes, focusing on the knowledge and skills stated in the Primary National Curriculum 2014.  We use this as a starting point, and embellish and deepen further as a school but at the heart of this is children being exposed to quality experiences and lessons with a large element of choice and need for independent thinking.   

Teachers are supported with subject knowledge in order to plan a series of lessons that are engaging, broad and balanced using our progression of knowledge and skills document; whilst ensuring they are suited to their class’ interests and what the children want to learn. Teachers use pre-assessments to inform them of starting points and have a clear vision of where the pupils should be at the end of the year.  The progression document ensures the curriculum is covered and the skills, knowledge and vocabulary taught is progressive from year group to year group, in depth and allows for repetition of key skills and knowledge to allow for long term memory. Where possible teachers, in conjunction with subject leaders, plan purposeful cross-curricular links. 

At Gillshill Primary School we provide a variety of opportunities for improving Computing skills using a variety of devices, such as PCs, Chromebooks and IPads.  Each class has a Google Classroom which they use for work to be done at home and more recently, for the home-learning undertaken during Covid19 lockdown.  The use of online programs to support independent learning is extremely beneficial and therefore has continued.  Online safety has a high profile across lessons with each class undertaking at least one planned lesson per half term.  We celebrate Online Safety day as a school and give regular updates to parents including the latest guidance for children using the internet safely. 

Subject leaders play a key role in the success of the curriculum by leading on monitoring, evaluation and review and the celebration of good practice contributes to the ongoing commitment to improve further. Subject leaders are given the opportunity to develop their own subject knowledge, skills and understanding, so they can support curriculum development and their colleagues throughout the school. 


The curriculum subject leader is responsible for monitoring and evaluating their own subject responsibility.  The information gathered from the monitoring and evaluation informs the impact for that curriculum area. Judgements on the impact of the curriculum subject is based upon a triangulation of work scrutiny, pupil voice discussions, outcomes of assessments and the quality of teaching and learning. Governors undertake termly learning walks for their subject responsibility and receive a termly report from the subject leader identifying strengths and areas for development.  

Our aim is that at the end of each school year, pupils will have gained new Computing skills and knowledge which they can use in their future.  Children are encouraged to consider uses of devices and online services beyond school and teachers assess their ability using discussion to this effect.  Their resilience and independence in using software is assessed through discussion and end product, recorded by class teachers and monitored by the subject leader. 

By the time our children leave Gillshill Primary School we will have equipped them with a breadth of knowledge, skills and practical experiences to give them a secure foundation for their secondary school learning. Our Computing curriculum will have instilled in them a love and enjoyment of Computing, and an understanding of how to stay safe whilst using online services. 

Computing curriculum

At Gillshill, pupils will be given the opportunity to repeat skills within digital literacy, information technology and programming.

Our curriculum is planned to ensure repetition and progression of skills.

Computing documents

Computing Progression of Skills

Computing Policy March 2021