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Gillshill Primary


Thematic study

Art is taught by teachers from EYFS year 6. We also love to encourage professionals to work alongside staff to enhance knowledge or invite professionals to work with the children.

Across Key Stage 1 and 2 Art is taught within thematic lessons or as an explicit art lesson. In EYFS, Art is taught through exploration through play and structured activities.

The children are taught sketching, painting, collage, sculpture, digital media and performance skills. As the children move up the school, children’s knowledge and understanding is developed through the revisiting and learning of skills. It is important children enjoy learning new techniques as it can inspire them for the future.

Children learn about key artists from past and present and can use this as inspiration for their own work. Throughout the Art curriculum, we find it important that children have the opportunity to evaluate their work and recognise their achievements.

At Gillshill, we highly value the use of educational visits to enhance the Art curriculum. Children will have the opportunities to visit art galleries, museums and live performances.

Across the school, all children are given the chance to participate in Arts Award which is a recognised qualification.  This is completed as part of the curriculum and we enjoy sharing the children’s work with parents.






Art Documents:

Art Intent, Implementation and Impact Statements

Art Progression of Skills

Art Policy Sept 2020